Monday, August 3, 2009

Whirlwind Trip to Michigan

And the blog is back! We've done a decent amount of traveling over the last week or two, so I'm finally sitting down to blog about it. With any luck, I'll have two posts coming your way today.

Last weekend, Paul and I took a last-minute, very short trip back to the mitten to visit friends and family. It's kind of a blur, but we had a great time! My Dad was kind enough to let me borrow his camera for the last couple weeks, due to the untimely death of mine. Thanks Dad!

We took the redeye into town, and shortly after touching down, the whirlwind began. We stopped by my cousin Katelyn's graduation party first. I can't believe she's graduating high school... I used to dress her up in my old ballet costumes when she was only a year old!

Me and Katelyn

We then headed to Detroit for the Tigers vs. White Sox game. Paul's mom and sister (Joyce and Lauren) met up with us there as well. The Tigers ended up winning in the 10th inning, by the way. :)

Lauren, Paul, me, Mom and Joyce at Comerica Park

After the game we headed to Santino's for some drinks and food.

Sunday brunch at Kruse and Muir was in order after several drinks the night before!

In front of Kruse and Muir

On Sunday, my cousins were kind enough to throw a little BBQ at Steve and Mandy's house so we could all hang out. I had been looking forward to this forever... I really missed my cousins!!!

A warm welcome

The candy that would make its way into the pinata... yes, the pinata. What's a party without one?

Hanging out in the backyard

Steve working the grill

Mandy and N icole putting dinner together

Our family BBQ staples... pasta salad, cheesy potatoes, and oriental coleslaw. Mmm.

This pinata looks frightened... I think it knows what's coming.

Bernie dog!

Backyard baseball

The girls... Kristy, me, Mandy, Nicole and Taylor

The cousins! Taylor, me, Kristy, Nicole, Steve and Robbie

Love this one! Robbie, Nicole, Me, Steve, Kristy and Taylor

Winding down with some Grand Theft Auto

Can you tell I was missing Buckley? I coulnd't stop taking pictures of Bernie.

We headed out to Lansing on Monday to meet up with old friends and coworkers, visit campus, and of course have a Crunchy burger. I know this is totally unlike me, but I didn't get any photos. :( I think I was having too much fun.

My dad did get this one shot before we headed out

To conclude our trip, we met up with BFF Stacie and her husband Scott for lunch.

And what would a reunion with Stacie be without a shot in front of Taco Bell? This is Stacie's church. Believe it.

And of course, we had to have one Bell's Oberon while in Michigan. We did so at Tin Fish with my parents.

We headed back to Portland that night. It was great to see everyone, even though it was such a short trip. Now we need to work on getting everyone out here!! :)


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dad said...

It was great having you back home. Glad you were able to catch up with so many people!