Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is anybody out there?

So I'm curious if anyone is still checking this blog, other than my parents. :) I know I slacked for a while so I probably lost some readers. Just wondering if I should continue updates!

If you are reading this, could you pretty please do me a favor and leave me some comment love so I know I am not talking to myself here? I very much appreciate it.



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Honest to Blog

Could I have taken any longer to update this blog?? I am so bad. But we've been keeping pretty busy, so that's good.

First things first, since I said I would post them, the pictures from science night at OMSI. It was pretty fun, except there was only one cash bar and a gazillion people in line for drinks. We settled for free 1 oz. samples of some Rogue beers instead. :)

They had a big Van de Graaff generator there which was way fun. You can't see it in the picture, but my hands are on the giant ball component and another guy is turning a crank to generate the electricity. It made my hair stand up, which was totally weird.

Fun in the chemistry lab. :)

So a few nights after that, we had our friends Sam and Audra over for a wine and cheese night. Our first real night of entertaining at our place - it was awesome! We had a delicious spread of cheeses and meats and fruits and PLENTY of wine. Herve Mons camembert, Truffle Tremor (truffle-laced goat cheese) and a blue cheese I forget the name of. Yum.

Probably the biggest news of the last few weeks... I got a bike!! I'd been wanting to get one, and Paul was really wanting me to get one too since he already had one. So last week we headed to 21st Avenue Bicycles to pick one out. This is a really cool little independent bike shop - the people are laid back, no one is trying to sell us the most expensive bike or something we don't need - just cool people. We had visited a few other, bigger bike shops too, and I definitely felt the best about supporting these guys.

I got me a new Kona Dew Plus in a lovely shade of green. :)

So, since getting the bike, we've been busy riding all over town. I was pretty nervous at first, because around here, cyclists share the road with cars (it's illegal to ride on sidewalks). After a few rides with Paul though, I found out it's not that scary. Just look out for parked car doors opening and people turning right.

It's been awesome to be able to hop on a bike and ride out to other neighborhoods that we haven't seen. The Pearl District and Downtown are great, but there are so many other little districts and neighborhoods that a lot people call the "true Portland." A little more character, more independent businesses, and a more laid back vibe. Last week we rode down to the Sellwood neighborhood, back up to the Hawthorne district, then up to 28th and Glisan to get some haircuts from our bud Bethany. We covered about 20 miles on bike that day!

Also last week we rode up to the North Mississippi neighborhood (about a 2 mile ride). I really liked this neighborhood - I want to go back and explore more. When we got there we parked our bikes amongs the tons of other bikes here. It's so cool to see that so many people ride bikes around here. $0.00 a gallon baby.

We walked up and down N. Mississippi which has tons of cool shops and bars and cafes. When we reached the south end of the main drag though, we came to this fenced off corner with a little hut set up. What really caught my eye though, was the sign that said "Waffles Waffles Waffles!" Waffles? I'm in. I freaking love waffles. This little place specializes in the "Dutch Taco" - all sorts of different goodies you can get wrapped up in a hot waffle. It was doesn't look like much from the outside, but it. was. awesome. Behold, the Flavour Spot:

I chose the Sweet Cream n' Jam waffle, which had whipped cream cheese and strawberry jam. It was a pretty amazing experience. Can you tell?

My Dew Plus. :)

This was coming back to our hood on the Broadway Bridge. That's the Fremont Bridge in the background.

Oh, and the leaves turn beautiful colors here too. :) I was worried I would miss that part of autumn in Michigan, but it looks like I don't need to worry!

Sorry for the rapid-fire updates! I had a lot of stuff to put up so I thought I'd just push through it. Other than the stuff pictured, life is pretty good. I am reminded every day how awesome this city is. I must admit though, I am definitely missing MSU tailgating this season...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Science rules!

I'm so excited... we're going to OMSI After Dark tonight! I'll make sure to bring my camera and blog about it tomorrow. Yay for science sans kids!

Nothing else new really. We start our training sessions for Buckley next week, which should be interesting.

Have a wonderful day!