Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Updates coming soon!

I swear! I've been trying to update this thing, but I only get online for a few minutes a day at various coffee shops, and it seems the connections always crap out or won't allow me to upload photos. Very frustrating.

I have so much to put on here! STS9 concert last Friday at Edgefield, trip to the Portland Farmer's Market, Buckley's trips to various dog parks, a job interview... we've been having so much fun!

As soon as we have internet access at home, which will hopefully be very soon, I can update more regularly. Until then!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We have arrived

I definitely intended to write a blog sooner than this! We moved into our new apartment on Saturday, but between unpacking, showing my parents around, and not having internet access at home... it's just been impossible! It should also be noted that I tried to post this blog on Wednesday, while using the free wireless at a gelato shop, but my battery died before I could finish. I also tried to finish yesterday while at a coffee shop, but my battery died again before I could finish. So here I am at a coffee shop again, and let's hope that third time's a charm.

We're getting all settled in and LOVING IT!

The drive was long, but fairly uneventful. Especially Nebraska. Things really started to feel official here:

I was hoping to snap a shot of a "You are now leaving Michigan" sign, but it turns out there isn't one. At least not on 94. So, a "Welcome to Indiana" will have to do!

Road-trippin' doggy!

Here is what Nebraska looked like... all 400 or so miles. It was the worst.

Note to people of Nebraska: I'm sure your state is lovely. It just really sucks to drive through. Really sucks. And even has a weird smell most of the time.

Welcome to Oregon - almost there!

We're slowly but surely settling into our apartment. The building is awesome. Buckley has already met lots of dogs, and people in the building seem generally friendly. We even have a 24/7 concierge in our building! It's so nice having someone at the door to say "welcome back" each time we arrive.

We're about 50% unpacked. We sold all of our furniture in Michigan so that we wouldn't have to move any out here, so the apartment is a little bare! We will be hitting up IKEA soon though, so it should feel a little more cozy soon. In my first post, I mentioned we were enjoying three camp chairs and an air mattress. Well, due to someone's crappy craftsmanship, we are now enjoying just one camp chair and an air mattress. And a desk! We bought our first piece of furniture at West Elm yesterday, a white desk. Probably one of the lower-priority pieces, but hey, it was a good deal and we needed a desk. So behold, our first new piece.

Awesome, huh?

Here is how are currently looking (well, as of two days ago when I took this picture and intended to post this blog - we are actually much further along now).

A little ways to go, but getting there!

The Portland Farmers Market was in the Pearl yesterday, so we brought our canvas tote bags for a visit. This is the most beautiful, delicious gathering of fruits, vegetables, flowers and music ever. I'm kicking myself for forgetting my camera. But, the market will be downtown tomorrow, so maybe I'll head over there and take some pics.

We've been spending much of our time at Rogue Public House. This is great beer, definitely try it if you haven't already (you can buy it in Michigan).

And now before my battery dies, I need to apply for some more jobs. Nope, haven't found one yet. But I've got some potential interest... I'll get into detail if any of them pan out. :)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Packing it up

We leave the day after tomorrow. The DAY after TOMORROW! I can hardly believe it. But I definitely believe it when I see how much is left to pack.

We're about 75% there. I'm finishing up the last of the laundry, all my clothes and shoes are packed, we even successfully tackled that extra bedroom/storage room for every little piece of stuff that we didn't have another place for. Next up: the kitchen. I am actually afraid of starting the kitchen because I know there is so much there. Yikes!

I might potentially have a job interview next week. More on that later, if it goes well. :)

There might not be another post until we get there, since they could be shutting off our cable/internet at home any mome

Just kidding. It's still on for now. But, we've got a LOT of work to do so I better get to it!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

7 days and counting!

Hi everyone!

Someone suggested I start a blog to document our move to Portland. So here it is! Mr. and Mrs. Mayo are going to Portland!

The excitement and anticipation are almost over the top right now - we are so close!! We are currently working on packing up everything in our house, and of course weeding out/throwing away what we don't need. Going through my closet and throwing/selling/giving away loads of my clothes has been cathartic, to say the least. I even managed to part with a handful of shoes. We've also sold all of our furniture, so that we can start new once we get to our new place. We are currently living large in a trio of mismatched camp chairs, and one deluxe air mattress. Minimalism, baby.

We officially leave Michigan on August 14th, and will be hauling all our junk across the country with Paul's dad Tom and sister Erica. We're driving all the way to Wyoming the first day - crazy right? The plan is to get into Portland first thing the morning of Saturday, the 16th.

We're moving into a building called The Louisa, which is right in the heart of the Pearl District. This is the place to be. More shopping, art, dining and beer-drinking than you can imagine within a few short blocks. Many have asked if I am concerned about what this means for my waistline. The answer is yes. :) We'll see how that goes. Notice the Whole Foods Market directly across the street from our building. This is a very, very good thing.

We're moving into a cool one bedroom/loft studio apartment facing the South. This is the model we looked out - ours will be pretty much identical, sans the furniture and decor. We'll be on the 5th floor, so we'll still have a decent view. The building is also LEED certified at the Gold level, which means it is super energy efficient and eco-friendly. Hooray!

There's also a West Elm on the ground floor of our building, which is super fantastic. We can just purchase all
of our new furniture there, and then send it on up! I say this as if it's actually a realistic possibility. For realsies
though, we'll definitely be buying some pieces there. There are so many design and furniture stores in the Pearl though, I don't think we'll have any trouble outfitting the place - eventually.

In case anyone is wondering, no, I haven't found a job yet. My resume is definitely out there though, in several places in fact, but I'm sure it's not alone. I'll keep plugging away though - someone must want to hire me! Paul and I are looking into doing some volunteer work for a while, so we can meet people and make some connections. Hopefully that helps!

Well I suppose there will be more updates to come as we get closer (and once we get there). It's hard to believe we're finally leaving Michigan - we've been talking about making this move since we started dating four years ago. There are definitely some things we'll miss - family, friends, Golden Harvest, MSU tailgates. I hope everyone keeps in touch. And come out to visit anytime! There is so much to do there (did I mention the abundance of food/beer/wine?), we'd love to show you a good time.